With contracting and trade experts

Our goal

Establishing good and excellent relations with regard to the contracting sector with the parties that deal With it for the purpose of accessing space and performing and providing a high level of services for upgrading to the highest level.

About our Company

Al-Ayed Group for Contracting and General Trade is considered one of the most promising Iraqi companies in the field of contracting. characterized by perseverance, Advance planning and operational management. It specializes in structural, electrical, mechanical, architectural and communications contracting. He's one of Companies with high experience in the above fields. The company has implemented projects in different regions of Iraq in addition to equipping government departments And private companies with various types of equipment and supplies at competitive prices. Standards ,

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Quality Services

Design and implementation of various buildings, including schools, buildings, hotels, health centers, industrial complexes and warehouses in all Its types

Business done by the company

Construction of a two-storey building for the Air Defense in Baghdad Kifah Street

بتاريخ :1998
cost :227,215,000

Building and installing a water purification plant in Kut

بتاريخ :1999
cost :25000000

Building the Orchid Tourist Hotel in Kirkuk

بتاريخ :2000
cost :310,000,000

Construction of the scientific complex building in Balad General Hospital

بتاريخ :2001
cost :66,865,000

Implementation of Karbala Road Works (Al-Fath Al-Mubin Project)

بتاريخ :2001
cost :62,000,000

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Maintenance of the General Federation of Peasant Associations building

بتاريخ :2003
cost :$48000

Equipment and machinery of the company

We use the best and latest machines to ensure higher quality and speed of delivery

a professional staff of engineers, technical & designers and Experienced and skilled workers